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Creative Cottage Crafts
PO Box 4002 
Taree DC  NSW 
2430  Australia 
Ph - (02) 6552 1843
Int Ph - 612 6552 1843
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About Us

Harry & Teresa Mortimer are the owners of Creative Cottage Crafts. We have been in the craft industry for 42 years. We had a shop in Parramatta, Sydney (Terry’s Craft Shop) for nearly 16 years & have been doing craft shows for 28 years. The last 23 or so years have been full time with the craft shows taking us all over Australia & to New Zealand.

We have now stepped back in our work load (2017) and are not doing as many craft shows.

Harry, a green keeper by trade, went into cleaning, working for a boss & then he decided to be his own boss by opening a shop in Parramatta. Terry's Craft Shop was half Teresa's name & half Harry's. At times it was a little confusing when someone asked to speak to Terry & I (Teresa) would say yes speaking, a voice at the other end would say oh, it was a guy I was tallking to.

Before the shop I was an assessor for MBF (medical fund) & also worked for GMAC (insurance) & have had more than a fair share of paper work over the years. 

My husband told my mother that he would keep me in the manner that I  was accustomed to when he married me, so 38 years later I’m still working & yes you guessed it, still doing lots of paper work as Harry does not use a computer. He keeps calling it the silly box and asks for a writing stick.

Over the years we have certainly seen many crafts come and go, from the days of macrame to the introduction of stamping on cards. I remember at the time, thinking why is that demonstrator using a toaster (to melt embossing powders to give a raised up effect)?

When we had our shop we often wondered what our neighbours and the school to one side of us thought about the activity in our back yard. One time we were spraying chooks feathers all different colours, another time we had shells everywhere drilling holes in them to cater for the latest craze in both craft and fashion. Another time I was hosing down about 30 lampshades (all our demo models from the shop) all shapes, colours and sizes that were pegged on the clothesline. Yes I could go on with many stories.

We both love pottery & appreciate the gifted & clever folk here in Australia. Our home has many hand made goodies in it. We also have a love for antiques. Harry collects old irons & I love kitchen & laundry collectables.

A few years ago we buried our little Maltese Shihtzu of 18 years called AU (aye you). A stray dog (another Maltese Shihtzu) turned up on our door step about 3 weeks later. Where he ran from we have no idea, he is a real runner when he gets out.  We advertised & did all the possible things to try & find his owner, but to no avail, so our family was back to 3. At first we called him Grub re the state he was in when he arrived, but everyone said he was too nice a dog to call him that so we called him Taylor as in Taylor made for our needs.

We then decided, seeing he was only a pup that he needed a playmate, so a few months later while in Sydney at an animal rescue place our family was increased to 4. Pinkie had dyed pink ears hence her name. The 2 dogs get on famously, bonded with each other so quickly, a real joy to us both.

I have developed a love for cards, both hand made & commercial. I’ve lost count of how many I now own, it would be in excess of 500. So hence the strong influence of paper craft on our stand at the shows today.

We no longer have a shop, we sell at craft shows all around Australia. Council restrictions prevent us selling from our home.

We live 8 km out of Taree on 3 acres where it all happens, packing stock etc for the shows & Card Design of the Month. Our office is part of our home, and we have now finished building another shed to house stock for mail and web site orders.

We hope you enjoy our website, return often to indulge your creativity and tell your friends about us.

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